Enjoying “The Other Side of Life!”

August 5, 2007

In order to experience the experiment of life, we must be willing to overcome our fears!  Yesterday, my 25 year old daughter asked me if she could plan a date with me.  “I want to show you the other side of life!” She said.  I was hesitant at first, wondering where she might take me.  We started out the morning with a wonderful walk.  Later, in the afternoon, she picked me up and took me to a wonderful salad bar.

After lunch, she pulled out swimsuits, shorts and water shoes and said, “C’mon Mom, let’s go change in the bathroom!”  I was skeptical at first, not knowing where she was taking me.  I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for swimming, didn’t want to get my hair wet, etc.

Up the hill we drove, to the canyon.  “Do you know where I am taking you?” she said cheerfully.  “No… I don’t…” I replied, wondering how long this little adventure was going to take.

Soon, there was a sign which read, “High Canyon Rafting”.  I could see the river from along the highway.  I had passed the river on various ocassions over the past twenty-something years, but, I had never “experienced the experiment” of playing in it!

Soon, we were equipped with life jackets, baseball caps (to shelter us from the sun) and now she was snapping pictures of my face, covered in the false pretense of cheerfulness, masking my fear of the experience awaiting me.

I noticed the others who were just pulling in from their “experience”.  All looked happy and seemed glad they had participated.  I was still a bit concerned, I must admit.

Soon, we embarked our two man khayak and began heading down the six mile descent through the most beautiful landscape!  As I saw my feet dangling over the little bow of the khayak, I reminsed about how my dad used to take us sailing every Saturday, and how I would sit on the bow, my feet yearning to dangle in the water!

This time, I could let them be submerged up to my knees if I wanted to.  The fear left me completely as soon as I connected my happy childhood memory with the present moment.  I exchanged the scene of ocean waves and endless water for the narrower pathway and small waves surounding me. 

Soon, I was singing at the top of my lungs, the “sailing songs” of my childhood!  I loved the entire ride!  Ashley, my recreational therapist, was darling as she called out her cheery commands from the backseat of the khayak!

Just recently, I have been praying for an outdoor activity that I can love, that feels safe and that I can look forwad to doing often!  I want to “experience the experiment” of living life in the place where God has arranged for me to live!  Right here in Utah!  The canyon is literally up the street about 15 miles from my home!

It was a wonderful day, experiencing the joy of nature, of the movement of my arms, of playing with my daughter, of singing down the six mile journey, of dangling my feet in the water, of feeling alive and of being refreshed from all the responsiblities of being a single mother-provider!

This morning, I woke up and said, “Ashley…wanna go for a walk?!”  It only took two positive experiences yesterday to remind me the joys of walking and now, the new joy of khayaking!  I want to do it again!!!!

I am so grateful I trusted Ashley and let her show me “the other side of life”!  Who is joy-coaching who?

Karyn Grant
The Joy Coach


The Cellular Symphony

August 4, 2007

Beginning “The Cellular Symphony” starts with tuning the instruments in your symphony. Visualize a great conductor standing before you. She taps her music stand with her baton. She calls for the attention of the violinists, the cellists, the flutists, the woodwinds, the brass section, the drum section. She directs the attention of the smallest piccolo and the percussionist who is holding the tiniest instrument of all, even the triangle in his hands. “Every body ready to play Pachobel’s Cannon in D?” she announces. The instrumentalists look at each other in confusion…”But…they begin whispering to one another… stammering…but we aren’t even tuned up yet!!!”

The conductor smiles and nods. She knows that if she does not tune each individual instrument the song may very well become variations of “D”. For unless all the instruments are vibrationally attuned to the same sound waves, this orchestra will be a sore sight for ears. She wanted to know if the process of “attuning” themselves with one another was a priority for them!

One by one, she focuses her baton upon each section. She leans in, with a listening ear, checking to see if there are any instruments out of “attunement”. There is one cellist that is definitely not playing the same tune as the other strings. She stops and points to the musician seated behind the beautifully designed instrument. “Please check you’re A string”. She smiles intuitively. “It’s sharp.” Then she motions to the violas. She points to the second chair viola. “Check your D string”…it’s flat.”

The conductor goes to great lengths to measure the vibration of all the instruments in her orchestra. She is making sure that each musician is playing their instrument, neither sharp nor flat…but just right…then she calls out… “Everyone together? Every instrument in tune?!” With a graceful wave of her hand, the music begins serenading her ears with precision and perfection. Pachobel’s Canon in D never sounded more beautiful!

And so, are we the conductors of a great symphony! We too can measure the sound waves, the vibrations, the frequencies, the resonance in the instruments (the body systems, organs, glands and cells) of our physical beings. We are not only God’s instruments, we are each a part of His Divine Orchestra! Is there a section that is playing too sharp or too flat? What is making that particular instrument (gland or organ) to continue playing out of attunement?

Can the sound of music truly inspire our body systems to become vibrationally attuned to the frequencies, vibrations resonances and ratios that must be acquired if we are to play in perfect harmony? As the Savior said to the people in third Nephi, “are there any sick among you? Bring them hither and I will heal them! He may have well said, “Are there any who are not vibrationally attuned to My A-TONE-ment? Bring them hither and I will “attune” you to the perfect tune of My a-TONE-ment!”

It worked. For the scriptures say that “Surely a happier people could not be found in all the land. For after he healed them, attuning each “instrument” to His divine TONE, this group of people became a grand orchestra who now joined in playing together, “The Song of His Redeeming Love” and “The Song of Everlasting Joy!” Without a visit from the great conductor himself, they would have continued warring with each other, warring within themselves…never having experienced the full measures of song that they could play, as the creations of his hands.

The Savior is our Great Conductor. We are the instruments in His great orchestra. This course is designed to bring all aspects of your BEING, even down into the very cells of your soul, back into complete harmony, timing, rythym by raising your resonance to JOY through the atonement of Jesus Christ, throught the nurturing gifts of nature, by learning to play and sing, “The Song of Redeeming Love”. This simply means that through focusing upon Him as our PURE LOVE ENERGY SOURCE, we are bringing ourselves into the fruition of God’s original intention, which is that we have a DIVINE ESSENCE, and must become attuned to His original blueprint, or Music Score, even the blueprint of our Spiritual Creation. And what is that blueprint/music score? What is the song we came here to learn how to play and sing by heart?

“Woman is that she might have joy!” That is the program. And what is the command to make this program run through the very cells of our being like a well-tuned, well-timed symphony? It is simply stated in the positive, no matter what our affliction of “too sharp or too flat”may be.

I have searched the scriptures. The question is always the same… “Dost thou believe?” The command is always the same as well…He never asks the symptoms. He never is concerned with who sinned and why they have the affliction, the torment, the suffering that they have…the command is simply this; “Thy Faith Shall Make Thee Whole”. Through the gifts of the divine senses we are going to be learning how to “attune” ourselves, vibrationally to the TONE of His PURE LOVE ENERGY. With the Savior’s guidance, and under His tutelage, I shall simply be His T.A. in instructing you on how to become, the Conductors of your own “Cellular Symphony”! Everybody ready? Are we ready to play…”The Song of Redeeming Love”? Or do we need to stop and get in “attunement” with each other.


Karyn Grant’s Divine Appointment


Dancing With Joy! Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapy

May 26, 2007

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Can Human Cells Dance?

May 26, 2007

Today, I woke up wondering…when we dance…what happens to our cells? I saw a video clip once that showed cells dancing to the music. The narrater suggested that when we introduce “sound waves” into the body, that our cells literally start “dancing”. Once video had me laughing…it looked liked the cells were doing a country line dance! I found this by a choregrapher on the web today…thought it might interest others who are truly wanting to know what is happening to their cellular structure down into the DNA, when they are receiving a VIBRATIONAL ATTUNEMENT MASSAGE (VAM).—Karyn

“But, I get a strong feeling, we are ripe for another look into intent. This is good, and fun! I like trying to figure out what dance is brilliant at or, more, what it is essentially for. And my recent thoughts are that dance enacts: it manifests an idea, an intention, and then does it — just as a muscle takes an idea, an intention from the nervous system however conscious or unconscious, and does it — and perhaps by doing changes it into something else.

Now, I may be extreme in suggesting that there are some things that dance enacts better than others, but I am both vastly encompassing and specific in my list: dance enacts beginnings and birth, endings and death, and everything in between that has to do with those two. To borrow a phrase from the novel Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, dance aims truest when it is “about procreation and perish.” I would add a third “p” in there, “pleasure.” Dance resonates, plucks our very flesh-and-spirit lifestrings, when it is related to these three things, which are everything. And we know it when we see it; with a very short scent-trail back to these markers, it gets to us.

Oh yes, and it is about love. But love is bound up warp and weft in all of this and also beyond it all: it is unnameable.

Dance is very good at enacting pleasure for doer and onlooker, and also enacting the flipside, “p” for pain. We now know from science (as if we didn’t know already) that the onlooker actually does the movement she is watching, in her frontal lobe mirror cells. She just doesn’t necessarily move her body. (See NYT, Science Section 1/10/2006 “Cells That Read Minds.”) How’s that for audience participation? We’ve called this “kinesthesia” for a long time. Dance and music articulates, vibrates, activates the senses in both doer and watcher. And the senses are the key to everything, they are all we’ve got for knowing the world.

So I am on fire right now about dances that are consciously doings — and I understand that I am changing myself, those I dance with, my audience, my world through this action. It is for real. It’s not a symbol of something, it doesn’t tell or show.

I could use the word “sacramentality” for all this, and “ritual,” which dance itself created and then found itself excised from in Western culture. “

[ed. note: Modern-dance choreographer Clare Byrne is based in New York.]

After reading this excerpt, I thought, “Yes, when my body is in movement, when my body is flowing, when my body is filled with inertia…then my cells must be vibrating to the music! And that…is a dance in and of itself!”

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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

May 26, 2007

Dear JOY COACHES! (mom’s, wives, grandmothers, dad’s, teens, etc);

Our “Circle of Nurturers” is growing.� We would all love and appreciate hearing how this work is affecting you, your�family and your children.� I have 36 “Night-Time Nurturing Musical Meditations” coming out soon.� Rick Priddis of PRIDDIS MUSIC is assisting me in the production and release of all my work to be used in JOY COACHING SESSIONS around the world!� There will be

six CD wallets, each containing twelve cds.� These JOY COACHING SESSIONS-FOR EMOTIONAL ABUNDANCE WALLETS will be wonderfully and�reasonably priced.� A client/new friend/ young mother/ Kimberely tells how she used the guided visualization cds. “The Healer’s Touch” and “Divine Essence” to soothe her children’s troubled hearts after their fatther recently left the family.

If you have any comments to share about this work and the work you are doing as a “Joy Coach” in your own home, please post any comments to:

ccherisihgplace.wordpress.com – any comments about classes, sessions at the Cherishing Place, experiences in your home and family

lullabyyourfathers.wordpress.com – send any stories, anecdotes, comments about raisiing men’s vibrations to joy!

joycoaching.wordpress.com -� how are you using this work in your home and family?� Share here!

Since my husband left, we feel very alone at night and on the weekends. My kids (& even me I’ll admit) are afraid sometimes. I found that when I play Karen’s Music it chases away fear from my home. So at night and in the morning I go strait to the CD player and put her on. My son also struggles with waking up grumpy sometimes, and it’s a guarantee that if he wakes up to Karen singing in the front room, he comes out to greet us in a pleasant mood with a smile (he’s always last to wake up). In the car we listen to her visualization CD’s to keep us focused, with strength and peace. It has been a valuable tool for us. The kids can’t get enough of it, and neither can I. The other night my daughter Samantha was expressing to me one of her fears, and after her story she was glued to my hip where ever I went around the house. I knew that wasn’t healthy, or helping the situation, so I played Karen’s music, and Sammy stopped following me around in fear, and began to find things she wanted to do with a relaxed and peaceful spirit about her. This music is truly a blessing for our family.

Thank you Karen.
Kimberly Gingras
Eagle Mountain, UT

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The Healing Vibration of Live Food

March 29, 2007

For a great book on healing the body with food as your remedy, go to www.originalfastfoods.com.   James and Colleen Simmons are the authors of this book.  They just spoke to the Rawluck Club.  I would love to have them come to our “Living Water, Living Music” Conference with Dr. Emoto!

The Secret is Out!

March 28, 2007

The Law of Attraction and the Bible
by Michael James Fitzgerald

What’s being said about the book? This came from Dawn Norton, one of the reviewers: “The Law of Attraction, as taught in the wildly popular DVD and book The Secret , is all the rage now. When I first heard of the Law of Attraction and began reading about it two years ago, I thought, “That sounds like the Law of the Harvest.You reap what you sow.” After seeing the movie The Secret, I was more intrigued to see if I could find it’s principles in the pages of scripture. I found dozens of examples of the Law of Attraction. I continue to be fascinated as I read the Bible and find little gems that correspond to the movie The Secret, on an almost daily basis.

Then I read the book The Law of Attraction and the Bible by Michael Fitzgerald. His words confirmed and expanded what I have learned in my study of the Bible; that the Law of Attraction has spiritual roots in the Bible and that we cansurely live its principles with the blessing of God. For those who found any discomfort or apprehension in hearing about the Law of Attraction for the first time, this book settles the question as to whether or not we can use the steps in The Secret with confidence as Christians.Michael not only explains the principles that can obviously be supported by scripture, he also offers great insights and makes wonderful connectionsthat show his strength of discernment,sincerity, and originality of thought.

If you have ever asked questions like, “What is stopping me from being successful? Can I really achieve anything I want? Is it OK to be wealthy?” and many more, then you owe it to yourself to read The Law of Attraction and the Bible.”For now, the book is available at http://bibleattraction.blogspot.com/ with purchase and download instructions. Inquiries can be sent to Bibleattraction@gmail.comAlso, for those interested in hearing him discuss this subject, go to www.pdweek.com and register for the call-in information (it’s all FREE). We will be presenting our teleclass on this subject on Monday evening at 9 p.m. MDT (that’s 8 for PDT, 11 for you Easterners). Unfortunately we will not be able to take questions afterall due to the thousands of people signed up. We were told that would create chaos so the moderators will ask the questions. Sorry, we were looking forward to hearing friendly voices on the line!

Make it a wonderful weekend!


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What is Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapy?

March 27, 2007

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The Healing Power of Sound

March 19, 2007

I’m coming tomorrow morning. Can’t wait. I’ve got three of Dr. Emoto’s books. They are FABULOUS! I have to be at the Family History Library by 12:00, by hopefully that is enough time. If not, I can come again at night.

I was reading a book last night called “The Healing Power of Sound” by Mitchell Gaynor. I thought you would love the report of this research. He talked about a man Fabien Maman, who teamed up with Helene Grimal at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. They wanted to know how deeply sound traveled in the body, and the effect of it on the nucleus and electromagnetic fields of human cells.

They “studied the inner structure of both healthy human cells and uterine cancer cells as they reacted to various acoustical instruments, e.g. gong, xylophone, acoustic guitar, and the unaccompanied human voice, for a duration of twenty-one minutes. They found that the most visibly dramatic results occurred when they sang musical scales into the cells. The structure disorganized extremely quickly. The human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument. It appeared tht the cancer cells were not able to support a progressive accumulation of vibratory frequences. The gong was the next most effective. It caused the cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode.” Wouldn’t it be great if soon “chemotherapy” would be merely singing?

Client of Joy Coaching

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Joy is Contagious!

March 15, 2007

I was at Border’s Bookstore the other day and found a new cd series by Byron Katie called, “A Thousand Names for Joy!” If any of you are pursuing a LIFE DEGREE in JOY, you can check this cd series out! It was only $39.00 for a set of four cd’s I believe!

Recently, my husband called me upstairs to see what he was watching on television. There was a minister named, Ed Young, talking about how Paul (in Philipeans) wrote as a prisoner in bonds, but yet he still went on in his heart, rejoicing amidst adversity. He was referring to his new book, “Outrageous, Contagious Joy!” and I found out that you can order this book online at the web site address listed below.

On March 30, 2007, a small group of women are gathering together for an eight week study of JOY.Our JOY VIBRATIONS class may not offer any degreesof the world or any certificates to hang on our walls, but—we will all feel a change in our heart and achange in our focus! The more I FOCUS ON JOY!, the happier I feel…

I amhosting a radio program, which will focus on Joy!This program will be one hour long on Mondays and will air throughout the week at different times. Thurl Bailey will be my co-host!!!! Attract what you really want!



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